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About us

The corona pandemic closed a lot of doors, but we decided to use this situation as an opportunity. We realised how important it is, that we do what we really want to do: to travel and work for our projects with people and create success together. Being more personal, row in the same boat. This is our philosophy and our strongest USP (unique selling point). 

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our story.

Kim Braun and Mark Biro brand designers

Your story is

The beginning.
Our story started in 2020. Kimmy from Germany, worked as project manager, and Mark from Hungary, worked as a rowing coach. We both lived in Heidelberg which is one of the most beautiful cities in south Germany.

Kim Braun and Mark Biro brand designers

During the first lockdown we had more time to learn new skills and after Mark's most successful year of rowing (his rower became a World Championship medallist), it was time
to change. Mark started to work as a project and sales marketing manager and stepping into this kind of work made us think about working together having our own projects.

"We both had a great job with a great working environment...but something was missing."

The biggest adventure of our life

We decided to quit our 9-5 jobs to become world travellers! We connected our job-skills with our hobbies. With our experiences from Management, Sales and Marketing combined with Design and Information Technology we created Fortuna.

We both bring our experience and expertise into our projects. For us is the most important to having a close collaboration with our partners. 

Kim Braun and Mark Biro brand designers

Your story is our story

We are excited to work together with you! 

PS: You can see our current location on our Homepage.

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branding design taskforce


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