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Darius Braun Panamericana with the bike

Darius Braun

Image film

Darius (32) is a brain tumour survivor who shows you, that everything is possible if you put your mind to it. Even in the hardest situations in life, there is hope and it is worth to fight! In 2022 he is going to fulfil his dream: biking The Panamericana (22.000km).

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The process

1. Preparation

The story of Darius is so inspiring, that writing an image film script like that, is truly an honor. The goal was to introduce him, to talk about his past, about his plan and to motivate people to never give up!

Choosing the location was easy, we filmed only in Salem-Beuren, Germany, where Darius was born. 

Darius Braun Panamericana with the bike
Darius Braun Panamericana with the bike

2. Filming

The filming took 5-6 hours, mostly outside. We chose streets with low traffic and we also had an electric car for the cycling shots. The gear we used: Sony A6500 with 35mm prime lens and the 18-105mm power zoom lens. Additional shots were filmed on the DJI mini 2 and the GoPro 10 Black

3. The result

The post-production, such as editing and color grading was made in Adobe Premiere Pro. After all the privacy protection declarations arrived, it was ready to upload to Youtube


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