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I am Kimmi, from a little town in Germany. 

Being raised as a little town girl all I wanted was to break free, be a crazy person and explore our beautiful planet. 


Now I'm breaking free! With the mindset and the right person by my side I am ready to take on the world! 

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My Story

Life was always a little bubble for me. I was raised wit 3 brothers in a small village near the biggest lake of Germany, and life was easy. However, I always had the feeling that there was something bigger meant for me. 

I was fortunate that my family always traveled a lot, but I needed my own adventure. Said and done. In 2009 I left Germany for a year to be an exchange student in Michigan, USA. This year shaped my mind and confidence in a way that I did not expect. Overcoming struggles and finding many advocates I learnt it is right to stand in for yourself and be who you want to be and to do what you love. 

After my exchange year I finished school and studied at the University in Heidelberg, Germany. Trying to find my passion I worked in many jobs, but when I took a step back and started a Traineeship and worked as a Project Manager I was finally going where I wanted go to: I was responsible for the Social Media appearance of the company, created Advertising with Photoshop and InDesign, and scripted, filmed and moderated image films, schooling videos and web conferences. 

The lockdown in 2020 gave us the time to improve our skills in Photo- and Videography, Digital Management and Design. In 2021 Mark and I decided we would fulfil our dream and become world travelers. We want to explore the world and create memories and impressions from all over the world to incorporate that into our creative work. 

Currently we are building our brand and have super interesting projects lined up. We cannot wait to see where our personal and professional path takes us! 



About me


Kim Braun

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