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I am Mark from Hungary and Germany. 

My teachers always said that I am going to be 

a mathematician or someone who helps people. 


I think you already know the answer... 

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My Story

I was born in Szolnok, Hungary, a little city in the middle of the hungarian Puszta. As a kid my dream was always, to travel to the USA. The nr.1 on my Bucketlist: The Golden Gate Bridge. 

After finishing my studies as a sport scientist, I decided to move to Germany chasing my dream and goal: becoming a successful rowing coach. In 2021 I reached my goals: My rower became German Champion and got a bronze medal at World Rowing Junior Championships. 


During the first lockdown in 2020 I started another job as project manager and sales marketing manager. I started to learn new skills like professional Photo & Videography and in 2021 I became a certificated UX-Designer. My first projects was volunteering for friends and for my rowing clubs. After we decided to go to travel the world, we decided to work with Kimmy together on our own projects.

In 2022 we are still working on our first big projects like a Branding Project for the local Fire Department.  


About me


Kim Braun

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Mark Biro

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