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Rowing Crew

RG Heidelberg

Image film

This video is a representation of the past, the present and the future of the rowing community in Heidelberg. The bit more dramatic and moody style is not common for sport films, but this is why we believe that this video pops-up. 

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The process

1. Preparation

The script was made by Mark, who was a professional rower and rowing coach. The goal was to make a video which is more moody and less adrenaline-ish. Rowers can reach a trance phase when they feel that the boat "flies". 

Rowing Crew
Dog sitting in a rowing boat

2. Filming

The whole filming took only 3 hours. The scenes of the first section were filmed with a Sony A6500 with a 35mm prime lens. The second section were filmed completely with a 18-105mm power-zoom lens

3. The result

The post-production, such as editing and color grading was made in Adobe Premiere Pro. After all the privacy protection declarations arrived, it was ready to upload to Youtube


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RG Heidelberg


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branding design taskforce

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