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Susanne Gleich brand mood board

Susanne Gleich

full branding project

We are honoured to have Susanne as one of our first clients. Our goal was clear: evaluate a branding identity incl. logo design for her starting business, organising and making photo shooting as well as developing a modern user interface and  web experience for her clients. 

The process

1. Research & Strategy

After the research phase, we defined her target audience, which is crucial to create strong branding. We created the visual guidelines, we chose the fonts and picked the colours her audience likes the most. Since this project needed a lot of communication between us and Susi, we started to use a project management software, called Trello

Branding color palette
Susanne Gleich logo

2. Logo

With the mood board we had a more clear vision for the logo. The water echos are representing the brain waves and because the waves are calming, it also has a stimulating effect. The message is: here you are going to use your brain, but in a calm and relaxed environment.

Our logo-making process is simple: sketching in Procreate on Ipad and we create the end version in Adobe Illustrator. Sometimes, we still use Vectornator on Ipad, there are some situation, where it is faster. 

3. The website

The website we made is an easy to use interface, full with features for the clients (or future clients). It has a clear navigation and rhythm.

The wireframes and prototypes were made in Adobe XD and as our client wished, we built the website on

Susanne Gleich UX design mockup
Susanne Gleich life coach

Professional photo shooting

We always recommend using own and professional made photos for every projects. Showing the face behind a business increases the trust. We had to "places" for the photo shooting: studio and nature. The studio fotos were made in Susi's studio. We created different scenes as "therapy sessions". The second location was outside in nature. We used Sony A6500 with a 35mm prime lens and a Sony A6000 with 16-55mm zoom lens as B-camera. 

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4. The results

Our goal is to make our clients happy and help them to build a successful (or more successful) business. It is really a special feeling to work for the same goal hand in hand. 

Susanne Gleich life coach and Mark Biro brand designer checking photos made with Sony A6500


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brand design illustration
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branding design taskforce

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